Best Real Estate Apps

Whether you are a homebuyer or real estate professional, we have our top 3 real estate apps available for both Android and iPhone users to assist you in your real estate needs:


This app will give you access to the latest real estate news and homes for sale. It can be used by homebuyers/sellers and real estate professionals.

Homesnap helps you keep track of all conversations with other professionals, clients, and buyers.

If you are using this app, you can send messages and emails to people even if they are not using the app. Your messages from days or weeks ago will be saved so that you can have quick access to them.

You can easily pull up a listing and send it to any contact in your phone. Homesnap will also keep track of your home listings and buyers interested in purchasing your client’s home.


Dwellr is an app given by the United States Census Bureau to give you stats and information about the neighborhoods you are interested in moving to. This app also helps you to create a list of at least 25 places that you like the most.

Dwellr will help you find places that fit your lifestyle according to sites you want to see, places you want to have access to, and ways you want to commute in those areas.


Like Dwellr, Homefacts gives you information about the neighborhood you are considering. You can get property facts, housing prices, and school ratings.

This app will help you to find homes for sale, and rental/foreclosure properties available. Homefacts even gives you a listing of sex offenders nearby and crime stats for an area.

At Michigan Real Estate Masterminds, we understand the importance of having access to information that can make things easier for you. We know these apps will assist you in all of your real estate needs.